Closed Loop Marketing

Tracking customer responses back to the communication initiative that created them

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The theory of Closed Loop Marketing is to tie every single lead, customer and euro back to the marketing initiative that created them. Thus, marketers can understand how to more efficiently reach their audience.

One way to close the loop is to put the website in the center for all your marketing activities. Search engines, social media, email marketing, referral links, Google Adwords and also offline campaigns should direct the lead to your website.

Once someone visits your website, you can "cookie them" and start tracking their activities.

Your website ist then the entry point of your closed-loop system. As the lead progresses through various stages of the "adoption ladder" or stages of the buying process, you attribute them back to the proper channel. Example: If they came into your website through a link from an email newsletter, you can to trace them back to that original source.

However, beware of the legal restrictions and the fact, that some visitors prefer to visit your website and remain anonymous. Thus, not all technologically feasible options are desirable.

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Dr. Günter Umbach is an international author, advisor, consultant and speaker who helps organizations strengthen their position, achieve better results and succeed in the market place - based on his knowledge as a physician and his experience in the pharmaceutical industry as medical director and marketing director. His corporate clients include more than forty pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

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